EVK Žaibas won the EU Nations Clubs tournament, home team Stepp Prague finished second
EU Nations men
13. 9. 2022

EVK Žaibas won the EU Nations Clubs tournament, home team Stepp Prague finished second


Last weekend, we had the honor to host another EU Nations tournament, this time for clubs from different european leagues. The venue of this tournament was the capital city of the Czech republic, Prague. Eight teams were divided in two different groups:



Skupina A

Skupina B


UKVP Stepp Praha

EVK Žaibas


RSC Mechelen

KVP Piešťany


WTS Bytom

OSC Potsdam


Welsh Wanderers

česká mužská reprezentace







All eight teams were divided into two groups of four as listed above, and played on a round robin basis. First two teams from each group qualified into the semifinals, and last two teams from each group played for 5th- 8th place.

This meant that Stepp Prague, the home team reinforced by players from Czech U19 national team, played against KVP Piešťany. EVK Žaibas, this year´s Champions League qualification participant, played against RSC Mechelen. WTS Bytom clashed with Czech national team and OSC Potsdam with Welsh Wanderers.

The outcome of these semifinal matches were as followed:

Welsh Wanderers and czech national team were about to fight for the 7th place, OSC Potsdam and WTS Bytom for 5th place. KVP Piešťany and RSC Mechelen battled for bronze medal, and Stepp Prague played against EVK Žaibas in the finals. You can find the results of the final matches below:


Match for 7th place:

Welsh Wanderers – Czech national team 6:19 (1:5, 3:3, 1:4, 1:7)


Match for 5th place:

OSC Potsdam – WTS Bytom 11:14 (2:4, 2:3, 3:2, 4:5)


Bronze medal match:

KVP Piešťany – RSC Mechelen 16:13 (4:3, 4:1, 4:6, 4:3)


Gold medal match:

Stepp Prague – EVK Žaibas 7:23 (3:5, 2:6, 2:4, 0:8)


Three individual awards were also given during the medal ceremony:

Best goalkeeper: Matej Prištic (KVP Piešťany)

Top scorer: Vladyslav Dulin, 21 goals (RSC Mechelen)

Best player: Jan Bakulo (EVK Žaibas)


Video footage from all matches: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHVSxErjXz4iJDsi0kVq_ig

Match records: https://www.eunwp.eu/zapasy/eu-nations-club-men