VK Szentes won the EU Nations Women Clubs tournament
EU Nations women
19. 9. 2022

VK Szentes won the EU Nations Women Clubs tournament

The EU Nation Women Clubs 2022 tournament took place over the weekend. Ten teams from seven countries came to Prague's swimming stadium Podolí:

Group A

Group B

WBC Tirol (Austria)

Turun Uimarit Turku (Finland)

London Otter (Great Britain)

PVK Vrútky (Slovakia)

AJ Fezko Strakonice (Czech republic)

Szentesi VK (Hungary)

KVP Kúpele Piešťany (Slovakia)

Czech national team

Järfälla vattenpolo (Sweden)

City of Liverpool (Great Britain)


During the group stage, a number of attractive games were played, especially the match between the home team AJ Fezko Strakonice and Jarfalla vattenpolo ((https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ggqk0MAGp8Q), or Liverpool – Turku (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQuaiC0xGjM).

The format of the tournament was slightly different from the previous tournament in the men's category: There were no semi-final matches, but the order in the group directly determined which position the team would play for (i.e. the first in group A played with the first in group B for gold, the second with the second for bronze, etc.).

The schedule of the final matches was as follows:

Match for ninth place:

WBC Tirol – Czech national team 13:12 (2:2, 5:1, 3:3, 2:6)

(WBC Tirol won in a penalty shootout)


Match for seventh place:

London Otter – Turun Uimarit Turku 12:6 (2:2, 2:2, 4:1, 4:1)


Match for fifth place:

AJ Fezko Strakonice – City of Liverpool 14:7 (5:3, 2:1, 4:1, 3:2)


Bronze-medal match:

KVP Kúpele Piešťany – PVK Vrútky 6:19 (1:5, 1:5, 3:4, 1:5)


Gold-medal match:

Järfälla vattenpolo Szentesi VK 7:15 (3:4, 3:4, 1:2, 0:5)


Individual awards were also given during the medal ceremony. The best goalkeeper of the tournament was Kristína Stehlíková from PVK Vrútky, the best goal scorer (21 goals) was Iva Drnková from AJ Fezko Strakonice and the award for the best player went to Vivien Boncza from VK Szentes.

Video footage from all matches: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAB1HsCYXL73XNbFxyJBCS9Lq-a0DgejV

Match records: https://eunwp.eu/zapasy/eu-nations-club-women